It wasn’t until 2013 after my retirement from the US Army that I was able to dedicate my devotion to photography. I have studies motion picture throughout various universities and workshop on different states. But it is photography the medium I prefer because I don’t need a crew or expensive equipment to convey a message or capture amazing landscape imageries. The challenge is to capture an image that conveys a story in a single frame, contrary to motion picture.

I love to travel in search of amazing places regardless if anyone else has photographs that particular location or not. What matters is that I document those God created locations.

My goal as a photographer is to attempt to reach viewers on emotional level hopping my imageries will evoke a sense of place and make you feel more compelled to do your part to conserve what is left for the sake of our wilderness areas and the creatures that occupy those wonderful places.

I thank you for taking a look at my photography website. I hope you enjoy my images as I enjoyed creating them.

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